Top Dog Trails offers a number of different pet services and will consider adapting any of the services to meet yours and your pets needs.

Dog walking

30 minutes or 1 hour walks, either from your home or at a suitable location. Your dog can be walked individually or with a group of dogs and will be kept on a lead unless given written permission to let your dog off it's lead. On return your dog will be towel dried if needed and given fresh water before being left secure and comfortable. 

We also offer 1 hour secure field sessions. This is a group session where your dog can be let off lead to play with other dogs. The field is fully secure and private with the added benefit of a dog wash, meaning your dog will be rinsed and towel dried before returning home.

Home visits

This can be for small pets such as cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, puppies or elderly dogs. The visit will be up to 30 minutes long and can be tailored to the needs of your pet. Services which can be included during the visit are; attending to food and water, providing play and stimulation, clean up 'mess' including changing litter tray, hutch or bedding. Your pet will be left once secure and comfortable.

Pet taxi

Return service to a required destination such as vets, groomers or training class. Your pet will be securely transported to the required destination in the custom made crates in the back of the van.


Dog walking

1 hour Solo

1 hour Group



30 minutes Solo

30 minutes Group



Home visit

2x 30 minutes


1x 30 minutes


Pet Taxi

Based on 1 hour round trip

£10* + 50p per mile

*50% discount for each additional pet from the same household.